In search of Incredible


In today’s tech-packed world, we are constantly in search of a perfect tech companion. It could  be  a  Smart watch, a Tablet or even a Glass, but every other gadget or gizmo could be easily out shined by an incredible Smartphone.

Smartphones  present  in  the  market  are  very  productive  and  can  do  wonders with a simple touch but still they are not interactive enough to  understand  and  reciprocate  to our feelings and emotions. I would love to indulge myself in a heart to heart talk with my phone.

Its   all  about  the  productivity   and  U.I  that  matters  for  me.  Octa, Hexa or Deca core processors  with  huge  ram and sci-fi displays are immaterial   in the absence of friendly user  environment. It  would  be  great  for  me  if  my  smartphone  could take care of my house hold activities. Monitoring  the security, keeping a track of the visitors and placing purchase orders for  the  consumables  meant for daily use. I would like to control all my   remote  operated   gadgets  and   appliances  with   my   smartphone. Turning   the  lights on/off,  folding/unfolding  the  blinds  and  maintaining the temperature  at  comfortable levels  would  be  of   great  help. In  case of any malfunctioning of electronic or electrical product the phone should be capable  to  identify and call or inform the technical service team.

What  if  my  smartphone  drives  my  car, drops my kids to the school and takes me to the office  while  I  am  working  on  the  backseat. I  wish  my smartphone to understand  my  moods and gestures recognize my family and friends and keep a track of my clients. How cool would it be if my     phone  advises  me, answers  my  queries and clears my doubts if any? It should take care of my health, record the vital parameters and advise accordingly to keep me in sound health.

I aspire for a phone which could accompany me during my singing sessions and correct me if something goes wrong with the tempo and tune. I would love to share my creativity with  my phone  and watch my thoughts turning into beautiful piece of artwork or a well composed poetry.

Right  from waking  me  up in the morning to biding me good night, my phone should be my alter ego.


2 टिप्पणियाँ “In search of Incredible” पर

  1. स्मार्टफोन के सन्दर्भ में जो कुछ भी मनोभाव व्यक्त किये हैं, उनका मैं ह्रदय से समर्थन करता हूँ। आरम्भ में मुझे लगा की यह किसी फोन का रिव्यू है, पर जल्दी ही सहज कथ्य में मैं बह गया। तीव्र प्रवाह वाले कथ्य को आत्मकथ्य कहने में मुझे कोई आपत्ति नहीं है। ऐसी रचनाओं की सदैव अपेक्षा हैं।

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